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Donating Hotel Toiletries

I’ve just come across this great scheme about donating hotel toiletries to homeless shelters, ministries, and in general to those in need.  There’s a Facebook initiative, MySpace initiative, and the Business Travel Guys are also in support.

Of course, strictly speaking, you’re not supposed to pilfer such goods from hotel rooms.   However, there are those who take the view that they’ve paid for them and so are free to take them.  The answer to this question may come from asking at what point it becomes not ok!

I imagine, however, that for toiletries, it’s a win-win situation: the homeless get a good scrub, and the hotels get further dissemination of their brand (assuming they’ve personalised the hotel toiletries).  The homeless are unlikely to provide any additional ROI of course, but there’s the management staff, etc. – it’s exposure to alternative sectors of the population.

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