Donating Hotel Toiletries

I’ve just come across this great scheme about donating hotel toiletries to homeless shelters, ministries, and in general to those in need.  There’s a Facebook initiative, MySpace initiative, and the Business Travel Guys are also in support.

Of course, strictly speaking, you’re not supposed to pilfer such goods from hotel rooms.   However, there are those who take the view that they’ve paid for them and so are free to take them.  The answer to this question may come from asking at what point it becomes not ok!

I imagine, however, that for toiletries, it’s a win-win situation: the homeless get a good scrub, and the hotels get further dissemination of their brand (assuming they’ve personalised the hotel toiletries).  The homeless are unlikely to provide any additional ROI of course, but there’s the management staff, etc. – it’s exposure to alternative sectors of the population.

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PPAI – Personalised Products Association International

I’ve just discovered the PPIA, or Personalised Products Association International, given that there are a number of PPIAs :0)

The PPIA, founded in 1094, is an not-for-profit industry trade association offering a calender of industry events, featuring 3 unique events in March including the CAPA 2008 Tropical Convention, and an official publication.  They have over 7,500 members and two annual trade shows, with industry sales of $18.1 billion.

With over 100 years of experience, they’ve clearly made a valuable contribution in etablishing the industry and continue to have much to offer in terms of facilitating the increased use and perceived value of promotional products.

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The Power of Promotional Products

Promotional ProductsI’ve just come across this book The Power of Promotional Products on Amazon. While not unanimous, the reviews definately appear to suggest that this book will be of value to our readers, particularly those of you new to promotional marketing. It covers the basics, such as issues like how to choose the right product, quality vs. quantity, as well as exploring how best to maximise the impact of your personalised promotional products.

Both authors have significant experience with marketing and advertising and clearly have some top tips to share.

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Cheap Personalised Pens – The Ideal Giveaway

Tradeshows, conventions and conferences are ideal opportunities to distribute your brand via cheap personalised pens – people come in their hundreds looking to source new products and build new relationships with companies like yours. Personalised pens are not only a cheap way to do this, but an effective one too.

Cheap Personalised Pens printed with your LogoPens are very useful during conferences and such events because there is much to take note of. Pens also do not create the imposition that a more substantial offering might do. Further, there are a range of cheap personalised pens from which to choose from, so you can easily match a colour and style to your company brand. Or if colour isn’t important, buy several different colours from which your target audience can choose.

When buying in bulk, the cost of personalising your promotional pens becomes substantially less, as little as £0.07 per pen. That’s a cheap personalised pen!  All you need to do is send off your choice and a copy of your logo to Foremost Products, and they’ll do the rest!

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Personalised Parker Pens: A History

The Parker Pen is, you might say, the standard; the ubiquitous choice; the pen of all pens. The first Parker Pen was made in 1891, when the company was formed by George Parker. This was all before the time when ballpoint pens came onto the scene, and following their invention of the ‘Lucky Curve’ that all but eliminated the leakage fountain pens are famous for, and ‘Quink’, the first quick drying ink that avoided the need for blotting, the Parker Pen quickly became the best-selling pen ever known.

These days, Parker is highly modernised with a website featuring snazzy fountain and ballpoint or rollerball pens. You can also,to some extent, make the pen your own, by choosing from a range of colours and styles. To really personalise your parker pen however, you can buy Personalised Parker Pens from Foremost Products, printed with your name, your business logo, or whatever you like.

In the 21st century, Parker Pens have launched the Parker 100, to replace the classic Parker 51 going forward, and have launched a new website that shows off their product range to best effect. They have recently launched the ‘Special Edition Jotter Pink’, in support of City of Hope to fight breast cancer.

If you’re a pen enthusiast and would like more information on classic Parker Pens, visit, a 12 year project compiling information for collectors.

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Personalised Pens and Promoting Your Business

Personalised Pens printed with your business logo are a valuable promotional tool that advertises and promotes your company brand to a broader marketplace. But it’s not always clear when and where it is appropriate to distribute your personalised pens. It’s not always easy to visualise how to put your pens to use. Let’s look at the different ways in which we can do this.

Personalised Pens in the Office

Each employee in each of your offices should be given personalised pens kept in a pen pot on their desk. This way, anytime they require a pen on the way out the door, they’ll grab a pen personalised with your logo on it. Any visitors to your offices in need of a pen will be given a personalised pen. Finally, if your employees are carrying their personalised pens around with them, then when someone finds themselves without a pen and he or she obliges with one of their own, it will be one of your personalised pens!

Personalised Pens at Home

Take a box of your personalised pens back to your home, and give some to each member of your family. Ask your wife or husband to take some into their office, if appropriate. Ask your kids to carry some pens in their pencil cases – kids exchange pens and pencils all the time, and they will carry those pens home and leave them around the house – your company brand will be distributed throughout your entire local community!

Personalised Pens for Exhibitions

The Exhibition is generally a great opportunity to hand out personalised pens. At Trade-Shows, you’re going to interact with a good number of people, and so you’re probably going to go for cheap personalised pens, or perhaps bulk personalised pens to exploit the economies of scale and ensure you have enough for everyone!

Personalised Pens with your Direct Marketing Campaign

When sending to your direct mailing list, why not include a personalised pen or two in the pack. Given that you may be mailing more valued customers, it may be the opportunity to buy pens that are slightly more expensive but also more elegant and finished, to show your customers that you value them. Just be sure to remain aware of your budget.

Leave pens everywhere you go

People lose their pens and pencils all the time – but with personalised pens, this becomes a benefit. At this point, you, your colleagues, and the members of your family are all carrying your personalised pens around with you wherever you go. At the supermarket, sign with your pen, and leave it on the counter. Before long another customer will pick it up and keep it, and in the meantime, you never know whose eye might be caught by your logo. And you can repeat at other shops, at petrol stations, at toll booths, etc.

Thus, as you can see, promoting your business with personalised pens is easier than it seems. You can read more about this in a similar article on Business Promotion with Personalised Pens. Or, if you’re ready to put these strategies to good use, order some of these personalised pens from Foremost Products and get started!

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Foremost Products Joins Blog Top List

Foremost Products has just been listed on Blog Top List!


Marketing Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Blog TopList and Blog Catalogue are directories of quality blogs across a range of topics, finding the best content on the web for their visitors.

Foremost Producst is also a member of the directory.

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